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Non-Human Allies
Note: This information is evolving, and, as Corey Goode has mentioned, the Cabal, Illuminati international crime syndicates infiltrated the UFO community in the 1950s and even today use methods such as government troll data centers and the Voice of God technology to create deception, confusion and discord among Lightworkers.
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Sphere Being Alliance
The following information comes from information that David Wilcock has shared based on his information from government insiders and for Corey Goode's direct experiences in the Secret Space Program and most recently over the past five years since he was named by the Blue Avians to be the liason between the Sphere-Being Alliance and humanity. The information has been shared in the Cosmic Disclosure Series (Seasons 1~8 and Seasons 9~11) that David and Corey did between 2015~2018.
Appearance of giant spheres in our solar system (David Wilcock interview)
A giant sphere entered our solar system in the 1980s. It refused to communicate with anyone who approached it, so it was asked to leave. Then between 1999~2001 a number of moon-sized spheres entered the solar system and, again, refused to communicate. Some then left and some stayed.
Then in 2012, 100 spheres the size of the moon, Neptune and Jupiter entered the solar system through the Oort Cloud and the sun. They positioned themselves equidistantly throughout the solar system.
Contact made with the Secret Space Program Alliance
Eventually, they made contact with the Secret Space Program Alliance and formed an agreement to help 'level the playing field' so positive energy forces would have a chance to overcome the dark energy attempting to control the planet.
Corey Goode requested by name (Season 1, Episode 2, transcript)
The Blue Avians requested that Corey Goode, a former member of the Solar Warden faction of the Secret Space Program become the liason between the Sphere-Being Alliance and humanity. A Lt. Col. Gonzales (a pseudonym), contacted Goode and helped establish his role within the SSP Alliance.
Who make up the Sphere-Being Alliance? (Season 1, Episode 1, transcript)
The Sphere-Being Alliance is made up of 5 races of beings between 6th and 9th densities: Blue Avians, Orb Beings, Triangle-Head Beings and two races that have not revealed themselves.
Blue Avian Orb Beings Triangle-Head Being
Blue Avians Orb Beings Triangle-Head Beings
The Blue Avians are not communicating directly with humanity except through Corey Goode and Lt. Col. Gonzales in Corey's absence. The Orb Beings are communicating with humanity, mostly through dreams. Humanity has had no known direct communication with the the Triangle-Head Beings, although both Corey Goode and Lt. Col. Gonzales attended the meeting between a Triangle-Head Being and the Anshar group. (see below)
What is their message for humanity? (Season 1, Episode 1, transcript)
Goode: "Their message for humanity is that - and it's a tenant of many religions - we need to become more loving. We need to become forgiving of ourselves and forgiving of others, thus stopping the wheel of karma. We need to focus on becoming more Service-to-Others on a daily basis. And we need to focus on raising our vibration and our consciousness."
What are the spheres and why are they in our solar system? (Season 1, Episode 2, transcript)
Goode was asked to be the liason between the Sphere Beings and a group of around 300 people from around the world who had assembled in the Lunar Operations Command (LOC) for a Q&A. One of the participants asked ". . . why they needed so many spheres; why were there 100 spheres in the solar system, and why do these beings need these larger ships?"
Goode: "And Raw-Tear-Eir, or I just call him Tear-Eir, had me reply in this manner: 'We require no conveyance. There are far more than 100 spheres that are spaced out equidistantly throughout the solar system. They are what you would best describe as devices and are in place to buffer the tsunami of storms of high-charged vibrational energies entering your solar system, so they do not affect your star, planets, and native life in an adverse way as your system enters into this part of the galaxy.'"
What other measures have the Sphere-Beings done to 'level the playing field'?
The Sphere-Beings have placed an outer barrier around our solar system to prevent any beings from entering or leaving the solar system as well as a barrier around the Earth to prevent anyone from leaving. All beings within the solar system must experience the cosmic energy wave our solar system has entered onto. For the Earth and humans who've chosen a positive Service-to-Others polarity, this will result in Ascension to fourth density. For those who have chosen a negative Service-to-Self polarity, an uncomfortable experience will unfold.
Mayan Breakaway Civilization
Throughout Earth's history, there have been a number of civilizations that have received anti-gravity propulsion technology and managed to travel into space. Some of these civilizations are what we call 'breakaway civilizations' in that they have broken away from life on the Earth.
One of the groups that Goode has described is the Mayan Breakaway Civilization, which now occupies colonies in the Pleiades star system.
Mayan Breakaway Goode, who says that the Mayan Breakaway Civilization was instrumental in helping him heal from trauma he experienced while in the SSP, indicates that the Mayans resettled 40 million of their people from the Earth. He has also indicated that they are going to become much more active in assisting humanity at this time of great evolutionary change. (Season 4, Episode 8, transcript)
Anshar and Inner Earth
Goode confirms that the Earth is a honeycomb planet with many tunnels and caverns in its crust, many of which have ecosystems that can support life.
In Season 3, Episode 1 (transcript) of the Cosmic Disclosure series, Goode describes what he learned about the Inner Earth from the smart-glass pads he used while in the SSP.
And then in Season 3, Episodes 2 and 4~8, transcripts, Goode describes his first trip to meet a group of seven human civilizations in Inner Earth, one of them being the Anshar. The group had formed a new alliance because of threats they had received from the Cabal. They had requested a meeting with Goode in hopes that he would be able to set up a direct meeting for them with the Sphere Beings, who they call The Guardians.
In Season 4, Episode 8 (transcript), Goode describes this meeting which took place in December 2015 between a delegation of the Anshar and a Triangle-Head Being.
After that meeting, the seven Inner Earth civilizations met again and three of the civilizations broke away, leaving four civilizations in the Inner Earth Alliance.
As a result of Anshar's meeting with the Triangle-Head Being, they have decided to become more active in assisting humanity during this period of transformation.
Agartha Network / Hollow Earth
There are reports of additional benevolent civilizations in Inner Earth that have an alliance called the Agartha Network. And there are reports of a deep area inside the Earth called 'Hollow Earth'.
Links: Accounts of Inner Earth
Richard Shaver: Reality of the Inner Earth, by Richard Shaver and Margaret Rodgers
Traveler to Inner Earth, Col Billie Faye Woodard
Visitors to the Inner Earth, by Professor Soloman
HOLLOW EARTH; My encounter with a Dero
HOLLOW EARTH: I saw Dero Technology
HOLLOW EARTH; Richard Shavers trip to subterranean Dero bases. True story
Hollow Earth, Real Dero picture!!! Nephilim hybrid, Caught on tape
Ascended Masters
Ascended Masters are enlightened beings who have lived on the Earth as humans to help guide us toward a path of love and Service-to-Others positive polarity. Many believe that the Ascended Masters continue to assist humanity.
There are numerous websites that provide information on Ascended Masters.
Others: Galactic Confederation, Pleiadians, Andromedans, Ashtar Command . . .
There are numerous accounts of 'contactees' or 'experiencers' who have been in contact with extra-dimensional or extraterrestrial races, including the Pleiadians, Andromedans, Ashtar Command, etc.
A major grouping of benevolent extra-terrestrials is the Galactic Confederation, which Cobra describes in his post of Oct. 2, 2012.
Keep in mind when sourcing this information that Inner Earth civilizations have admitted deceiving humans by representing themselves as ET races and it is now well-known that the secret government uses Voice of God technology to provide channelers with messages claiming to be ETs or ascended masters. Use discernment as you source such information.
Super Federation
Super Federation Goode describes (Season 2, Episode 3, transcript) a group of 40 ET races called the Super Federation that have been conducting 22 genetic experiments with humanity on Earth for thousands of years. He also explains that there are an additional 20 ET races that periodically are involved.
Goode, an Intuitive Empath, attended some Super Federation meetings as a young person attempting to identify deception, and, more recently, he has
attended a Super Federation meeting as a delegate of the SSP.
The Super Federation is made of of many, many federations of extraterrestrial or non-terrestrial races. Generally, they consider themselves positive races. The Draco Alliance are not members of the Super Federation.
Corey Goode has indicated that the ET races that make up the Super Federation take their 22 genetic experiments so seriously that they occasionally will have members of their race(s) to experience a life as a human. (Their memories of their origins are blocked when they become human.) He also has indicated that there is nothing we can do to stop these experiments.
The Light - Positive Energy on Earth
Source of Information

The information in this section mostly comes from David Wilcock's series on Gaia.com called "Wisdom Teachings", his books, The Source Field Investigations and The Synchronicity Key and from The Law of One series of books - the Ra Material - channeled by L/L Research (Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins and Jim McCarty) between 1981 and 1984.

The extensive Law of One Study Guide was compiled by Bob Childers, PhD, with editing and additional compilation by David Wilcock.
An extensive discussion of this material is provided by David Wilcock in his book, The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil.
David Wilcock introduced "The Ascension Mysteries" in this video presentation on YouTube.
David's latest book is "Awakening in the Dream: Contact with the Divine".
Law Of One Book 1 Who is Ra?
Ra indicated that they are a social memory complex, or group mind, of currently sixth-density beings, who have returned to assist humanity through this period of time that will involve an evolutionary leap called the Ascension.
Ra indicates that they have attempt three previous times to assist humanity in its spiritual growth, but each time their message was distorted - the last time being 11,000 years ago in Egypt.
Ra further indicates that they lived their lives in third density in the planet Venus. (Venus is not now suitable for third-density life.)
David Wilcock believes that Ra is the Ancient Builder Race that built out our solar system 2.6 billion years ago and they are also the Blue Avian race of beings - one of the five ET races that make up the Sphere-Being Alliance.
In the beginning . . .
According to the Law of One, anything that is not pure light is a distortion of light. Thus, all life forms are distortions of light that evolve through various densities until they return to Source.
Distortions of Light
As light separates and evolves into complex forms, it does so through densities. First density are the elements - air, wind, water and fire. Second density are microbes, plants and animals - life forms up to conscious human life. Third density is conscious human life. The objective of the third density experience is for humans to choose a polarity for further evolution - a positive Service-to-Others polarity or a negative Service-to-Self polarity.
Each density has its own forms of photons - pieces of light - that carry information. So a second-density life form could be bombarded with third-density photons and that second-density life form could begin to gain self-awareness and advanced intelligence. (Humanity is now being bombarded by fourth-density photons.)
Obviously, then in order for humans to have a third-density experience in which a polarity choice is made, we must see and experience both positive and negative energy. At this time in human history, the choice is very clear. We can see both a lot of positive and negative energy very clearly, however, the Dark Energy has learned how to cleverly disguise the depth of their negative energy and cloak many of their activities in positive appearing forms (e.g. allowing the government to restrict personal freedoms is patriotic, hence the Patriot Act.)
Links for follow-up study:
The Thunderbolts Project, a website dedicated to understanding The Electric Universe
"DNA in The Electric Universe - Electricity of Life", a YouTube video from The Thunderbolts Project.
Cosmic Disclosure: Season 1, Episode 9, "The Electric Sun", transcript.
Source Field
Source Field Investigations We think of the space around us as empty and just filled with air (for those of us in Earth's atmosphere), but actually there is scientific evidence now that space is not empty. In fact, it is a 'field' that contains the building blocks for biological life. It is organic. Space itself is "the source of matter, energy, biology, consciousness, the universe, time, space." (See Wisdom Teachings: Season 1, Episodes 1~2, Introduction to Source Field)
The universe comes from a singularity that releases squiggles or amplitudes that are wavelengths, which through vibration generates the sacred geometry that forms DNA and eventually results in biological life. So DNA functions like a quantum wave within the Source Field that creates life throughout the universe. (See The Source Field Investigations for the science to support this with over 1,000 academic references.)
The Meditation Effect
Meditation involves reducing the stress of brain wave activity. Group meditation can send out peaceful, powerful brain wave activity into the unified quantum field than can affect how societies function.
Over 23 published studies now show that group meditation can have an affect on societies with such results as a reduction in crime and an increase in peace.
This suggests that we are all connected to the unified field of consciousness.
Visit the Global Peace Initiative for a review of the science behind meditation and the proven results of group meditation.
The Galactic Effect
The Galactic Effect is a phenomenon identified by David Wilcock based on a meta-analysis of 20 years of scientific studies by Dr. James Spottiswoode into what he referred to as anomalous cognition, known more commonly as ESP - extra-sensory perception. Dr. Spottiswoode discovered that people achieve their highest psychic performance when we are lined up directly with the center of our Milky Way galaxy. In fact, humanity's psychic performance level at that time is 400% greater than average psychic performance.
Local Apparent Sidereal Time, or LST, is used to compute the time each day that one is lined up with the center of the galaxy. The time is 13:30 LST. Anyone can compute this time at this link using one's longitude in degrees and minutes East or West.
According to David Wilcock, this suggests that the center of the galaxy is a source of energy! It affects the Earth and all its life forms.
Precession of the Equinox -The Great Year, and The Activation of the Source Field
Precession_Earth The Precession of the Equinox is the rotation of the Earth on its axis 1° every 72 years. Thus, it takes approximately 25, 920 years for a complete 360° rotation.
Walter Cruttenden, in his book Lost Star of Myth and Time, recounts numerous ancient legends and folklore from around the world that describes this vast cycle of time and Plato calls it The Great Year. ("The Great Year", a documentary narrated by James Earl Jones. Interviews on YouTube with Walter Cruttenden here and here.)
This cycle of time became known as the Precession of the Equinox. Cruttenden lays out the evidence that the wobbling of the Earth on its axis is not due to the affects of objects inside our solar system but rather an object outside our solar system. It's the result of our sun's binary motion around a second sun.
80% of all star systems in the Milky Way galaxy are binary star systems, meaning there are two stars in the system. The second star, however, is likely a brown dwarf and, thus, difficult to see.
Cruttenden further explains that as our sun gets closer to the second sun, the orbit of our solar system speeds up and we enter the cosmic energy influences of the second sun which has an affect on human consciousness.
Walter Cruttenden is currently the director of the Binary Research Institute in Newport Beach, CA. which provides extensive explanations and research on its website.
Golden Ages and Dark Ages
Cruttenden suggests that as our solar system undergoes an 'affect on human consciousness' that results from our solar system passing the closest to the brown dwarf, humanity enters a Golden Age. But at its farthest distance from the brown dwarf, humanity experiences Dark Ages. These changes result from the affect or lack of affect of the cosmic energy surrounding the brown dwarf.
As described by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Descend in their groundbreaking book Hamlet's Mill, over 30 different cultures in the world have legends and myths describing the Great Year and the epoch rising and falling of civilizations.
Ascension is the evolutionary leap to a higher density that results from the activation of the Source Field when our solar system interacts with the cosmic energy field of the brown dwarf star, or black sun, at the end of The Great Year - the 25,920-year cycle of the Precession of the Equinox.
According to Ra, all third-density beings with a positive polarity, or at least a 51% Service-to-Others orientation, will ascend to fourth density at the end of a 25,000 year cycle. Ra further states that it usually takes three such cycles, or about 75,000 to 76,000 years, for this evolutionary leap to take place. And when asked when that would happen, Ra indicated that it would take place approximately 30 years in the future. The comment was made in 1981 making the approximate time for Ascension around 2011+. (B1, S6) We have obviously now past that point.
Ascension - A Spontaneous Event
Ascension Mysteries A confluence of energies - the energy of our entire solar system merging with the cosmic energies of the brown dwarf star - will cause a sudden burst of energy from our sun that will activate our DNA and cause an evolutionary leap to fourth density - for humanity and the Earth itself. (See Wisdom Teachings, Season 20, Episode 5, Prepare for Ascension.)
The Law of One confirms that there will be a sudden, spontaneous event at the end of the 25,000 year cycle in an answer to a question (Q21.27) that was initially not included in the release of the Law of One Material, but included in Tobey Wheelock's Law of One Relistening Project:
21.27 Questioner: Thank you. Then did the ending of this first major cycle have something to do with the destruction of Lemuria, or did this destruction just happen to occur at the end of that cycle (about 53,000 years ago per 21.25)?
Ra: I am Ra. There is a confluence of energies at the ending of a major cycle. This encouraged what was already an inevitable adjustment in the movement of the surfaces of your planetary sphere.
This answer clearly suggests that the "confluence of energies" at the end of a major 25,000 year cycle - the merging of our solar system with another source of cosmic galactic energy - will result in major Earth changes and possibly a pole shift as well as a density shift to fourth density for the Earth itself and for those who have chosen a positive polarity.
The actual awareness, understanding and experience of fourth density abilities, however, may unfold gradually. Eventually these abilities will include communication by mental telepathy, levitation, portal travel, better health and healing methods, and longer lifespans.
The Law of One material says that each density has its own form of photons and that actually fourth-density photons started to appear on the Earth in 1936. Further, fourth-density photons allow thoughts to become things.
History -Great Civilizations, Cataclysms,
According to KaAree of the Anshar, as described by Corey Goode, the surface of the Earth has been devastated by cataclysms - Earth changes due to major earthquakes, volcano eruptions and pole shifts - over and over and over. Each time, groups from Inner Earth have ventured to the surface to assist the human survivors to re-establish culture, forms of writing, methods of agriculture, etc.
This is consistent with the theory of the Precession of the Equinox - the Great Year Cycle of 25,920 years - that results in evolutionary changes as well as major earth changes on the Earth.
Our Co-Creative Consciousness - We Live in a Living Universe
We are now at a major turning point. Our co-creative consciousness for Truth, Oneness and Peace, will help determine how soon Ascension will take place. With unity of awareness, this change can take place NOW. The Blue Avians, however, have told Corey Goode that humanity's choice to remain asleep and not unified could result in them delaying Ascension for between 100~700 years.
You - The Lightworkers
If you are reading this website, you have most likely already chosen a polarity of Service to Others. So you are a major part of the light forces trying to awaken a majority of humanity so we can free ourselves from The Matrix and the Babylonian Money-Magic System, and usher in a world free of war, poverty, homelessness and oppression.
Our friends "above" and "below" can help 'level the playing field', but it is up to us - humanity on the surface of the Earth - to choose our own freedom, individually and collectively.
Us - Our Co-Creative Consciousness
Together, through awareness, we can reject The Matrix by refusing to participate (stop watching mainstream media, avoid mind-controlling entertainment, avoiding weaponized processed food, drugs, etc.) and by joining with others to visualize a world of planetary liberation.
Our collective awareness will allow light energy to expand and dissipate the dark energy.
Disclosure Project
The Disclosure Project The Disclosure Project is a research project started in 1993 by Steven M. Greer, M.D. and "working to fully disclose the facts about UFO, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 500 government, military, and intelligence community
witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret."
Dr. Greer has now announced "The Campaign that Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy", "A Call for New Witnesses: UFO, Secrecy, Cover-Up, Free Energy +", and "A Call for Free Energy Technologies".
Earth Alliance (See: Season 4, Episode 10, transcript)
According to Corey Goode, the Earth Alliance is a loosely-knit alliance of groups from many countries around the world who have agreed on the goal of defeating the dark energy forces of the Cabal/Illuminati. The alliance includes elements in militaries and intelligence agencies as well as "syndicates, secret societies from the East".
Goode: "Every single enemy they've (the Cabal) created over the hundreds of years, every group they've alienated, every atrocity they've done to these countries over these hundreds of years, has finally built up to a point to where they all came together, loosely came together."
A major goal of the Earth Alliance is to bring about the collapse of the Cabal-controlled financial system. This has given rise to the BRICS Alliance.
Additionally, at some point, the Earth Alliance will release a 'data-dump' of evidence on the 'crimes against humanity' of the Cabal/Illuminati. Goode: "They've got everything from emails, texts, phone conversations, videos, audio recording. They've got satellite imagery of things that different people have ordered and real time ima . . . I mean, they've got everything."
Q Q represents messages from a quantum computer that is managed by a team of U.S. military intelligence personnel and associates.
The messages are designed to inform the public of matters that don't normally get released by mainstream media but can challenge Anons to dig and do research on topics related to America's national security, freedom for the planet and the current battle between good and evil.
Messages from Q began to appear on the 4Chan chat board at the end of October 2017.
Later the messages moved to 8Chan and then to 8Kun. The last Q Post was on Dec. 8, 2020. Q posts can also be found at this link and on this site's homepage.
Q is a project of the Earth Alliance.
Secret Space Program Alliance (See: Season 1, Episodes 1~3, transcripts; Season 2, Episode 3, transcript)
SSP-SphereAlliance Delegate The Secret Space Program Alliance (SSP Alliance) began with the defection of the Solar Warden faction from the Cabal/Illuminati's Secret Space Program. Since that time numerous defectors from other SSP factions have joined the SSP Alliance.
The SSP Alliance's goals include the freeing of humanity through the defeat of the Cabal/Illuminati, Full Disclosure of the existance of the SSP and extraterrestrial life, the release of advanced technology from the SSP to humanity and the transfer of all SSP facilities in the galaxy to humanity. This would also include the freeing all of the human and extraterrestrial slaves now being used on space colonies and mining operations.
The SSP Alliance was the only group on Earth that the Sphere-Being Alliance made direct contact with. The Sphere-Being Alliance requested Corey Goode by name in 2011 to be the direct liaison between themselves and humanity. A Lt. Col. Gonzales also functions as a liaison when Corey Goode is not available.
The Sphere-Being Alliance has given the SSP Alliance defensive technology to help defeat the Cabal/Illuminati. Some believe that this technology was used by Iran to bring down one of the U.S. military's most advance surveillance drones in 2011, used by the Russian Air Force to totally disable the electronics and power of the AEGIS destroyer, USS Donald Cook, in a confrontation in the Black Sea in April 2014 - an event that was only reported on by alternative websites, and again used by Russia in 2015 to jam all NATO electronics in Syria.
(This defensive technology is playing an important role in our avoiding a full-blown WW III. The SSP Alliance now believes that we are actually involved in a stealth WW III - a battle by the dark forces and the light forces for control of the planet - fought using non-conventional means. See Season 4, Episode 10, transcript.)
Paradigm Research Group
Founded by Stephen Bassett in 1996, the Paradigm Research Group is the only registered lobby group in Washington, D.C. advocating "an end to a government imposed truth embargo of the facts surrounding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race - Disclosure."
Notable among the group's achievements is the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (Video: Part 1 and Part 2) which was held at the National Press Club from April 29 to May 3, 2013. in which 42 researchers and military, agency and political persons testified in front of six former members of the U.S. Congress and advocated the lifting of the truth embargo. This evolved into The Congressional Hearings Initiative.
The Resistance Movement
Cobra, a code name for Compression Breakthrough, represents The Resistance Movement, an organization that started under a different name, The Organization, in 1975, in underground tunnels of New York City, when a number of former U.S. intelligence agents defected for the purpose of defeating the Cabal/Illuminati. Eventually, The Organization formed alliances with a positive civilization in Inner Earth, a part of the Agartha Network, and with a race of positive ETs from Andromeda.
In the late 1990s, the Cabal/Illuminati and their ET allies attacked the Organization as well as the Agartha Network. Near the same time, a group calling themselves The Resistance Movement, located on a planet in the solar system, along with a positive ET race from the Pleiades, successfully rebeled against and overthrew the Cabal/Illuminati on their planet and decided to join with the Organization to defeat the Cabal/Illuminati on Earth. The Organization then became known as The Resistance Movement.
The Resistance Movement claims to have over 300 members who have infiltrated the Cabal in military and intelligence agencies worldwide. They will play a key role in The Event. (Described in "The Unfolding Sequence of Events".)
'Compression Breakthrough' is the compression of dark energy forces by the Light of cosmic energy coming in from the galaxy, along with positive ET races, and the Light that is coming up through the subterranean levels of the Earth to meet on the surface of the Earth. The Cabal/Illuminati and their negative ET allies have no where to hide.
Cobra maintains this website for The Resistance Movement: The Portal
This website provides Cobra's posts for Chinese readers.
Ubuntu The Ubuntu Movement, based on contributionism, was founded in 2005 by Michael Tellinger based on his research of the way ancient civilizations functioned.
The Ubuntu Movement suggests "moving away from a money-driven society of greed and separation, to united communities driven by people, their talents and their passion for life."
Everyone Contributes His/Her Natural Talents
Envisioned are communities in which everyone contributes his or her "natural talents or acquired skills to the benefit of all in their community", according to Michael Tellinger.
Eastern Elders - Dragon Family
Several loosely-knit ancient families and secret societies continue to exist in Asia and are said to control massive wealth stored in underground bunkers. It is rumored that some of these families, commonly known as the 'Dragon Families', are currently involved in negotiations of a new global financial system, which will benefit from the families' accumulated wealth.
It has been suggested that portions of this wealth will be used to end hunger, homelessness and poverty on the Earth and benefit all of humanity.
Understanding Earth Changes and The Sun
The Diehold Foundation, Inc.
Diehold Douglas Vogt has produced a very important series, "Causes of the Ice Ages and Polar Reversals and Mass Extinctions", on The Diehold Foundation YouTube channel.
Here is a link to The Diehold Foundation website which includes information on books by Douglas Vogt as well as a single statement:
SpaceWeatherNews and The SuspiciousObservers
SpaceWeatherNews Ben Davidson has created SpaceWeatherNews.com that tracks everything related to the Sun and it's affect on Earth. He provides a daily report on the SuspiciousObservers YouTube channel.
He also maintains an online research community that investigates solar activity, earthquakes, astrophysics and weather at SuspiciousObservers.net.
Of particular interest to understanding the Solar Event - a micronova - that occurs at the end of each 12,500 year cycle and results in major earth changes are these playlists on the SuspiciousObservers YouTube channel:
Earth Catastrophe 2019

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | 2019 Original Series - 27 videos

Earth Catastrophe 2020 Earth Catastrophe Cycle | 2020 & Beyond - 17 videos
Ben Davidson is the author of "Weatherman's Guide to The Sun | Third Edition" (May 1, 2020)
Links for further study - please use discernment
As you visit these websites, please go within yourself to seek clarification and verification of the information they provide. A New Day-A New Earth does not guarantee, approve or endorse the information. The links are simply provided for your further study.
Barbara Marciniak - author of Bringers of the Dawn and channeler of Pleiadians. (Search YouTube for presentations.)
Indian in the Machine - Channelings
Matthew Ward - The deceased son of a woman who has received channeled wisdom from her son's spirit in order to write a number of books and monthly messages.
Mike Quinsey - Mike channels from his higher self a weekly message of inspiration and insight into world events.
Montague Keen - The deceased husband of Veronica Keen who channels a weekly message of inspiration and observations on world events from her husband's spirit.
Sheldan Nidle's Updates - weekly messages from Sheldan Nidle on current events and spiritual wisdom.
Contactees and Experiencers
Alex Collier - an Andromedan contactee
Caroline Cory - She began conscious experiences communicating with non-human entities at the age of 5. In her words, from her website OMniumUniverse.com: "My work on Earth is also to uplift the human spirit as a collective through teaching, coaching, healing as well as creative and artistic means in order to enhance its inherent divine qualities: Love, Truth, Beauty and Consciousness."
Corey Goode - He's been selected by the Sphere-Being Alliance to be the interface between themselves and humanity. David Wilcock interviews Corey in a weekly series called "Cosmic Disclosure" on the Gaia TV Network. (Transcripts of each episode are posted on SphereBeingAlliance.com.)
Simon Parkes - Simon, an 'experiencer' from the UK who remembers direct contact with non-terrestrial beings from a very early age, provides individual counseling and gives twice monthly Q&A sessions on Wolf Spirit Radio.
Films and Videos
"All Wars are Bankers' Wars!", a 2013 film documentary (PDF)
"Cowspiracy" - a documentary
Disclosure Conference, National Press Club, Sept. 27, 2010
"JFK to 911 Everything is a Rich Man's Trick", a 2014 film documentary
The Zeitgeist Movie Series
"VAXXED" - a documentary on vaccines
Full Disclosure
Full Disclosure Now - Dedicated to providing information that can help the general public understand the government cover-up of the Secret Space Program and the existance of non-terrestrial beings, some of which the government is in regular contact with.
Paradigm Research Group - Founded by Stephen Bassett in 1996 "to advocate in all ways possible for an end to a government imposed truth embargo of the facts surrounding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race."
Sirius Disclosure - Dr. Steven Greer's global disclosure project; "Dr. Steven Greer Announces 'The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO and Free Energy Secrecy'"; Fundraising;"Dr. Steven Greer 'Call for New Witnesses': UFO, Secrecy, Cover Up, Free Energy +"
The Disclosure Project
True Disclosure - Established to promote Full Disclosure of governments knowledge of and relationships to extraterrestrials, the existence of the Secret Space Program and the full release of suppressed technology.
Alfred Lemont Webre - Exopolitics.Blogs.com - Researcher, author
David Wilcock - researcher, author, lecturer, Gaia TV show host
George Webb - a research conducting a daily disclosure, on a YouTube channel, of a major part of the Dark State - the Cabal. Webb uses a storyboard approach and allows other researchers to provide tips, clues and additional information. This is an incredible display of investigative journalism using the Internet as an open source forum. Here's a link to a recent Project Camelot interview with George Webb.
Graham Hancock - Researcher, author, lecturer. The author of numerous books including the classic, Fingerprints of the Gods and the sequel, Magicians of the Gods.
James Bartley - A researcher of alien abductions and military/aerospace connections to UFOs and alien life forms since the early 1990s. James is a lecturer and has co- facilitated support groups for abductees and MILAB victims.
Jefferey Jaxen - "a researcher, independent investigative journalist, writer and voice for health freedom on the front lines of society's shift towards higher consciousness."
Jim Marrs - Investigative journalist, author
Joseph Farrell, PhD - GizaDeathStar - Researcher, author
Linda Moulten Howe - Earth Files - Investigative journalist and author
Jordan Maxwell - Author and researcher of the occult and religious philosophy. (He lost control of his original website.)
Michael Salla, PhD - Exopolitics.org - Researcher, author
Dr. Michael Persinger - a cognitive neuroscience researcher who has done experimental work in neurotheology. In his YouTube presentation, "Michael Persinger on No More Secrets", he explores the idea that the Earth's geomagnetic field connects all human brains and stores all memories throughout history, thus giving rise to the phenomenon of telepathy.
FREE - The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters
Tom Montalk - a former physics and electrical engineering student who chose to forsake formal education in order to pursue a passion in the independent research of spirituality, quantum and scalar physics, alienology, alchemy, gnosticism and hermeticism, forbidden history and composing music.
Michael Tellinger - author, scientist, explorer who "made ground-breaking discoveries of advanced vanished civilizations at the southern tip of Africa."
Peter Lavenda - Researcher, author
Richard Cassaro - Researcher, journalist, author, speaker
Richard Dolan - RichardDolanPress - Researcher, author, publisher who has done groundbreaking research on the government's cover-up of contact with extraterrestrials and the existence of a 'breakaway civilization'. Here's a link to Richard Dolan's presentation at a MUFON UFO Symposium.

Richard C. Hoagland - Researcher of the solar system, radio talkshow host, former science advisor to CBS News and Walter Cronkite and founder of Enterprise Mission website.

The Resonance Project - "Discover the leading edge in physics, science and energy that are creating infinite possibilities for a unified, connected view of the universe." A research center directed by Nassim Haramein.
William Henry - Researches ascension in ancient art. Completed three episodes of "Cosmic Disclosure" with David Wilcock and Corey Goode discussing Blue Avians and Sphere Beings in ancient art. (See Season 5, Episodes 3~5, Transcripts.)
2012 The Awakening - "A resource for Starseeds, Lightworkers and all others on the journey toward building a New Earth!!!"
About the Sky - Sofia Smallstorm's site on chemtrails, geo-engineering, Morgellon's Syndrome and much more
Ancient Code - News on ancient history of the Earth and the solar system
Awakening to the Fifth Dimension - Website operated by Vidya Frazier, a licensed psychotherapist and Quantum Healer. Vidya posts articles on a blog and can be contacted for Quantum Healing and Ascension Coaching Sessions.
Biblioteca Pleyades - a virtual library of information on many subjects from the Internet in one source. (Mostly English with a lot of Spanish and Italian.) This is an incredible source.
Black Box Voting - a nonpartisan investigative reporting and public education organization for elections
The Black Vault - Almost 1.5 million declassified documents related to UFOs and the Unknown
Buzzsaw - An 'alternative views program' with longform interviews conducted by host Sean Stone.
Coast to Coast AM with George Noory- a radio program focusing on a wide variety of subjects related to UFOs, spirituality, the Secret Space Program and the paranormal.
Cosmic Gaia - Laura Eisenhower's website - "Restoring the balance of humanity and nature." Teachings, readings, stargate, global projects, consultations.
David Icke - A former well-known UK footballer who became a TV sports commentator before he had a personal awakening that changed his life and turned him into a researcher, lecturer and author on The Matrix and those who control The Matrix. His lectures on world tours are held in large auditoriums and usually sold out.
Denny Hunt - A resident of Sebastopol, California, who interviews Lightworkers and posts the interviews on his Facebook page.
Discerning the Mystery - A website dedicated to providing "helpful resources which can assist (you) in finding the core truths that can help inspire your awakening process."
Divine Cosmos (David Wilcock's website) - researcher, author, lecturer
Fade to Black - Jimmy Church's radio show that interviews guests on subjects related to UFOs, the paranormal and spirituality.
Freeman Fly - a talk show host and lecturer who has specialized for over 20 years in exploring conspiracy theories and exposing the planet's dark energy. Here's the link to his YouTube channel. He's considered an expert in the occult, trauma-based mind control, Illuminati symbolism and ancient civilizations.
Gaia - an Internet ad-free, member supported TV channel (monthly subscription required) that 'streams over 7,000 exclusive titles to guide your conscious life'. It includes the Wisdom Teachings series by David Wilcock and Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode.
Galactic Connection - A 'spiritually galactic hub' with over 31,000 posts and founded by Alexandra. Topics include ascension, spirituality, UFOs, conspiracies, etc.
Global Peace Initiative - Website that provides information of the science behind and proven results of meditation.
Golden Jackass - Jim Willie's site (Public area and Member's area) with a monthly Hat Trick Letter - analysis of the current global economic situation and gold market situation.
in5d - 'Esoteric, Metaphysical and Spiritual Database' - Daily 'Alternative News related to POSITIVE change in our society'
Harmonious Earth - a website with general information on raising our vibrations. The creators sponsor regular workshops.
Hollow Earth Network - a website started by Col. Billie Faye Woodard to convey information on spirituality, Hollow Earth and Ascension.
Humans Are Free - Articles on spirituality, forbidden history, conspiracies, the Cosmos, Finance, Health, etc.
I Drain The Swamp - A website that consolidates a great deal of current research taking place on the corruption of the Deep State of the United States Government.
Indian in the Machine - Channelings
No Fake News - Jon Rappaport, an investigative journalist and author of The Matrix Revealed, Exist the Matrix and Power Outside the Matrix and other works.
Piercing the Veil of Reality - Bernhard Guenther's blog "is a wide-ranging collection of essays, films and interviews, ranging from spirituality, shamanism, psychology, self-work, esotericism, history, to the paranormal and hypredimensional realities".
Portal 2012 - Cobra's website for The Resistance Movement
Prepare for Change- Created in May 2013 to support a popular movement for a peaceful change during the "Planetary Shift" called "The Event"
Project Camelot - Kerry Cassidy interviews with whistleblowers and researchers since 2006
Rense - Founder Jeff Rense's radio network with over 20,000 hours of 'timeless programs', along with top news stores, including indepth information on radiation from Fukushima and a free Rense UFO-ET Disclosure section that includes many hours of testimony by 93-year-old whistleblower William Tompkins. (See "The Dark Energy" page and the bottom of the section "1920s to 1950s - The Nazis, Paperclip and Beginning of the Secret Space Program" for links.)
Sage of Quay and Sage of Quay Radio Hour - "Free thinking the esoteric . . . because truth is indeed stranger than fiction" with host Mike Williams. "Your home for free and critical thinking."
SGT Report - The Corporate Propaganda Antidote. A variety of links to videos and articles on current events, gold and silver, conspiracy theories, Cabal activities, etc.
Simon Parkes - an 'experiencer' from the UK who gives regular interviews and answers listeners questions on current events and spiritual awakening. Simon's grandfather and parents worked for British intelligence, and he was a former local city councilman.
Sphere-Being Alliance - the official website of Corey Goode and the Sphere-Being Alliance. Under the News section, are all the transcripts for the Cosmic Disclosure series on Gaia.
Sphere-Being Alliance Community (FB)
Stillness in the Storm - a blog by a prolific writer and analyzer Justin Deschamps, who frequently posts articles with relevant links to subjects of interest to the awakening community.
Teal Swan - The Spiritual Catalyst
Ted Winslow - a pioneer in research on sound healing and bestselling recording artist, producer and composer.
The Corbett Report - An alternative news source hosted by James Corbett.
The Event Chronicle - News and intel leading up to The Event
The EveryDay Concerned Citizen - 'A site to get info, take action, make change happen'
The Promise Revealed - Rob Potter's website. Regular posts of interviews with lightworkers and a lot of information on the current global awakening process. Rob sponsors an annual Mr. Shasta summer conference. In 2016, there will be a second conference on the Secret Space Program.
The Thunderbolts Project - a website dedicated to understanding the electric universe. "It is the collaborative voice of The Electric Universe movement begun in 2004."
Truth in Media - Ben Swann's site to expose scandals of Big Pharma, lies in the media, and other activities of the Cabal.
Veterans Today - "Journal for the Clandestine Community" founded by Gordon Duff, carries a variety of articles on global socio-economic and geo-political activities.
Waking Times - Articles on consciousness, spirituality and health.
What Really Happened - Founded by Michael Rivero over 20 years ago to disclose the truth about a wide range of topics.
Zero Hedge - Our Mission: to widen the scope of financial, economic and political information available to the professional investing public
Zindad - Arn Allingham's website "Healing & Supporting Planet Earth's Awakening Souls"
Anonymous - A 77-year-old former CIA agent, in ill-health, decided in March 2013 to speak to UFO researcher Richard Dolan and describe his experience as a CIA agent tasked by President Eisenhower to investigate Area 51. He confirmed seeing a a number of UFO spacecraft, including one of the UFOs that crashed at Roswell, NM in July 1947 and personally witness his boss interviewing the one surviving ET of that famous crash.
Col. Billie Faye Woodard - Assigned to Area 51 for his whole career in the U.S. Air Force, Woodard describes being brought to the surface of the Earth with his sister as a toddler from Hollow Earth (Inner Earth). During his career in the Air Force, his responsibility was to provide information and contact between the Air Force and Inner Earth civilizations. Interviews here, here and here.
Bob Dean - Insider in black projects and whistleblower. Interviews with Project Camelot here. Other interviews and presentations are here, here and here.
Bob Lazar - An engineer who worked on reverse engineering antigravity technology based on crashed UFOs at S4, a facility near Area 51. Interviews with Bob Lazar are here, here, here, here and here.
Boyd Bushman - A former Lockheed Martin Senior Scientist who disclosed his work involving antigravity technology and ETs in a 'deathbed confession' and shortly before he passed away in August 2014.
Brad Birkenfeld - former UBS banker who exposed use of secret Swiss bank accounts by rich Americans to avoid taxes. Video interviews here, here and here.
Catherine Austin Fitts (transcript)- Author of the Soleri Report, Catherine was a stockbroker on Wall Street and a member of the board of Dillon, Reed and Company,before joining the first Bush administration as an Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Eventually, she uncovered massive securities fraud that is used to suck money out of the system to support black projects. Video interviews and presentations are here, here and here.
Sgt. Clifford Stone (ret.) - A retired U.S. Army Sergeant who was a member of a UFO crash retrieval team. He catalogued 57 different types of human ET races that are active in our airspace. (List here.) Video interviews are here, here and here.
Corey Goode - Sphere-Being Alliance
A 20-year veteran in the 20-And-Bank program of the Secret Space Program. Requested by name by the Blue Avians to be the primary human interface between the Sphere-Being Alliance and humanity. Corey has a weekly 30-minute show on Gaia.com called Cosmic Disclosure, hosted by David Wilcock. (Transcripts of the shows are on Corey's website.)
Everett Stern - Former HSBC bank employee who has blown the whistle on how the bank knowingly assists Dark Energy forces to transfer funds. (Background article: "Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail", Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone)
Gary McKinnon - Out of curiosity, Gary McKinnon hacked into computers of NASA, the U.S. military and the Pentagon for nearly two years during early 2001 to 2002 before being being arrested and then fighting off a 10-year battle against extradition to the U.S. from the U.K. During his hacks, he discovered a list of "non-terrestrial officers", "material transfers between ships" and possible evidence of a secret space base. Here is Project Camelot's interview with Gary.
John Cruz - former HSBC employee turned whistleblower disclosed the HSBC money-laundering scandal.
John Lear - The son of the founder of the Lear Jet company, John Lear has had extensive experience as an insider and as a researcher. His website is full of links to sources of information.
John Perkins - Former chief economist of a major international consulting firm who advised the world's major financial institutions as well as leaders of developing countries and then left to write "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" and the updated "New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man". He leads several several organizations that are helping to create a world where "everyone can thrive".
Pete Peterson, PhD - an insider who's worked for U.S intelligence agencies. He was interviewed by Project Camelot. Here is the transcript of a recent interview of Pete Peterson on Cosmic Disclosure.
Col. Philip Corso, U.S. Army (ret.) - author of "The Day After Roswell" about his experiences in the U.S. Army being responsible for giving technology obtained from the UFO crash in Roswell, NM, to U.S. corporations for re-engineering.
Corso claims that we owe LED lighting, IC computer chips, lasers, Kevlar body armor and night vision goggles, among other things, to this UFO crash. Corso interviews here, here and here.
Philip Schneider - A self-taught geologist and structural engineer, Phil Schneider exposed the Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.s) secretly built by the U.S. military throughout the U.S. He claimed to have worked on building 13 of the bases. Here are links to documentaries on his life: here and here. Here's a link to the last presentation he gave two months before his death, and a History Channel special on Phil.

Randy Cramer - A former SSP soldier involved in the guarding of Mars space colonies.

Robert David Steele - an ex-CIA clandestine services case officer who now supports an Open Source World. He's the author of "The Open-Source Everything Manifesto".
Scott Bennett - U.S. Army Special Operations Officer who held numerous positions in counter-intelligence. Together with Brad Birkenfeld, he uncovered the involvement of the U.S. Dept. of Defense and defense contractor Booz Hamilton in Swiss Bank Accounts that finance global terrorism. ("Scott Bennett - A Patriot Truthwarrior" by Preston James, PhD)
Sibel Edmonds - The founder and president of National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, Ms Edmonds was a language specialist with the FBI's Washington Field Office starting immediately after the 9/11 Twin Towers attack. She uncovered numerous security breaches and after bringing this to the attention of the agency, she was retaliated against and fired in March 2002. See on YouTube: "Sibel Edmonds Documentary - Kill the Messenger"
William Mills Tompkins - Worked as a designer of spacecraft for the U.S. Navy beginning in 1942, and then various aerospace companies and think tanks. Author of "Selected By Extraterrestrials: My Life in the Top Secret World of UFOs, Think Tanks and Nordic Secretaries". He has been interviewed numerous times on Rense.com (see links in the right column of the homepage) and at the bottom of the left column of The Dark Energy page.