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- ATTENTION: QAnon / Austin Steinbart
In order to counter a negative and controlled media, military intelligence through the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) began to post messages as Q on the 8Chan chat board starting on October 29, 2017. (Currently Q posts on 8Kun. The last post was a YouTube video on Dec. 8, 2020.)
In early 2020, the DIA asked the primary operator of Q, Austin Steinbart, to come forward publicly on YouTube in order to use that platform in a more personal manner to provide critical information as well as to expand Q's reach.
This is the first time in the history of the U.S. that military intelligence on this scale has been shared with the American people.
Below are links to PDF files of the complete Q posts from the beginning. Many posts also show the tweets or articles for which Q posted a link.
Complete Q Posts (PDFs) Transcripts of Austin Steinbart YouTube Videos
Q Posts - 2017-2018 Transcripts for videos from January thru March 2020 - PDF
Q Posts - 2019    
Q Posts - 2020 Here is a website with Austin Steinbart videos and interviews along with links to the Amorphus Archives.
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