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Just as I managed to create a moldy, foul-smelling jar of rice by telling it 'I hate you!", the Dark Side engages us in discord and disharmony and tells us wars are 'just' because the 'enemy' seeks to take something away from you. Be afraid, pay your taxes and give up your freedoms because the 'enemy' is amongst us.
The Dark Side are The Players who set up The Matrix and The Babylonian Money-Magic System as control systems to lead humanity on a journey toward slavery and dictatorship. They also set up three unique city-states to manage their affairs: The Vatican (spiritual affairs); The City of London (financial affairs) and Washington, D.C. (military affairs).
What controls and lies behind the financial, corporate and governing elites are a shadowy elite made up of human members of secret societies (Freemasons, Skull and Cross Bones, etc.), royal families, 13 bloodline families, international crime syndicates and their non-human allies, the Draco Alliance, who first came to the Earth 375,000 years ago with the intention of establishing total global control.
At the heart of the Dark Side is a system of Satan worship, human sacrifice and use of occult dark magic that will shock humanity when the truth is revealed.
The Matrix The Babylonian Money-Magic System
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The Matrix and The Babylonian Money-Magic System are the primary control systems that the Dark Side uses to enslave humanity.
The Matrix, named after the famous 1999 movie starring Keanu Reeves and Samuel Jackson, is a false reality that we are told 'is reality' by governing elites, educators, judges, mainstream media, religious leaders, corporate leaders, military leaders, entertainers, sports stars, etc.
The Babylonian Money-Magic System, which started in ancient Babylon, uses a money system to create debt-slavery. The modern system uses 'fiat money' - money with no asset behind it and fractional reserve banking. Money has value because the government says so, and banks can create US$9 for every US$1 deposited.
The Matrix uses the controlled mainstream media, the entertainment industry, military and intelligence agencies and private 'security' companies to control the news and create the news through false flags, engage in mind-control operations and operate assassination teams, thus keeping humanity blackmailed, distracted, afraid and entertained. More
It also uses numerous other black projects to weaponize our food, air, water and health systems.
Just as I managed to create a jar of 'healthy looking' white rice by telling it 'I love you!', each one of us are critical to changing our condition by becoming aware, by stepping outside of The Matrix and by choosing to be of Service to Others. At the same time, there are The Players who are actively working to dismantle the Dark Side.
This includes the BRICS nations who have been creating an alternative financial system. It includes whistleblowers who are revealing information that has previously been secrets of the Dark Side.
It also includes organized resistance: The Earth Alliance - an organized collection of active-duty and retired military and intelligence personnel, government leaders and activists, who have been working toward the defeat of the Dark Side and the dismantling of their systems for many years.
It also includes a Secret Space Program Alliance that is made up of personnel from various parts of the world's Secret Space Programs, as well as a force of five sixth to ninth-density beings that make up the Sphere Beings Alliance who have come help 'level the playing field' so the Light Side can render the Dark Side harmless and hold them accountable.
Nuremberg Trials
It has started. First, there will be a complete breakdown of the global financial system. Corrupt banks will never reopen. As smoothly as possible, a new financial system with gold-backed currencies will become operational and replace the Western-led financial system based on fiat currencies.
Next, we'll see a 'data dump' - a release to the public of a massive amount of documents, audio recordings, video and emails that document the crimes of the Dark Side. This will lead to mass arrests on a global scale and a change in governance of many nations. Public tribunals of the Dark Side will follow.
Currently, we are experiencing the drip, drip, drip of information about possible life in our solar system. The Dark Side know this information is coming out, but want to limit it to 'partial' Disclosure of the existence of extraterrestrials and life in Inner Earth. The Light Side wants a full Disclosure, including all past relationships and agreements with between ETs, Inner Earth dwellers and human governments.
The Earth is now experiencing a 'Convergence of Cycles' - the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the end of a Precessional Circle (when the Earth completes a 25,920-year rotation on its axis), the end of the Mayan Calendar signaling the entering of a new age, and the movement of our solar system through a Cosmic Energy Wave (another cyclical event) leading up to a burst of energy from the sun that will result in evolutionary change, an enhancement of our DNA and ascension of the planet and many people to Fourth Density.
All of this will lead to a release of previously suppressed technology for the benefit of humanity and the Earth and it will lead us into a Golden Age.
Cosmic Web
During the next eight years, 2016~2024, we'll be dismantling the Dark Sides' institutions and beginning to formulate new institutions that will usher in a Golden Age for the Earth, humanity and all life forms on the planet.
The new financial system will be temporary, because the Golden Age will involve free energy and technology available to the Secret Space Program that will make the use of money unnecessary. Included in this technology are Replicators - devices that use consciousness to 'make' meals and commodities necessary for daily life. Replicators will be available to individuals and families.
In the first few weeks or months, there will be a redistribution of wealth on the planet and a use of wealth that has been hidden for thousands of years. This will end poverty.
Healthcare will also be revolutionized with natural healing methods and products becoming widespread as well as suppressed technologies and technologies from the Secret Space Program that would now defy our imaginations.
Work will be redefined. You will not need to work for a living. You will work to express yourself and contribute to your society based on your gifts, talents and interests. You will be able to do what you 'want' to do.
Within a short period after Disclosure, we will be introduced to our star brothers and sisters as well as those who have lived in the honeycombed Inner Earth for millions of years. This will also lead to a surge of new opportunities both off-planet and within Inner Earth as well as the availability of new abilities and technologies.
Personal Ascension
It's your choice as to whether or not you will step outside The Matrix, go within yourself to find your center and release all fear.
Educate yourself about the information contained on this website, follow up on the links and find your own sources to 'go down the rabbit hole' and explore the topics in more depth.
Always use your own inner feelings to guide you and discern what you feel is truth rather than disinformation and lies.
Increase your vibratory state through meditation, a high-vibration diet, walks in nature, association with friends and animals, uplifting music and fragrances and any other methods you're comfortable with.
Forgive yourself for things you've done in the past that you're not proud of and be of Service to Others in whatever ways are available to you.
If you are following your inner guidance, you'll be where you need to be and with whom you need to be with as this entire evolutionary change takes place.