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The Coming Golden Age
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Near Future
Healing Technologies
In the near future, suppressed healing technologies will be released. Healing technologies from the Secret Space Program will also be given to humanity, and healing technologies will be provided by benevolent non-terrestrial races, breakaway civilizations and Inner Earth civilizations.
Suppressed Technologies
Suppressed healing technologies include natural healing methods that the Cabal has suppressed because they have conflicted with a drug-based healthcare culture and could not be controlled for profit or weaponized.
Homeopathy will no longer be suppressed by allopathic medicine advocates. Natural herb remedies, including medicinal marijuana, will be common along with sound and light vibration healing, and use of pyramid healing chambers. Pyramid healing
(source) (source)
Above left is 'the sound bed" for vibroacoustic therapy as practiced by Jean Beneduci. "Vibroacoustic therapy is the use of sound and music as a powerful holistic healing modality. The power of music to heal the body, mind and spirit has been used for thousands of years in cultures throughout the world."
Above right is 'Healing and Meditation Pyramid" that is designed specifically for the energy of an individual by Dr. Thomas Tassioulas (Australia).
SSP Healing Technologies
Healing Pod 2 Healing technologies from the Secret Space Program will be released to humanity.
This will include healing pod similar to the one shown in the 2013 movie Elysium, which re-atomizes the body.
Mayan Breakaway Civilization
Corey Goode has indicated that the Mayan Breakaway Civilization has returned to assist humanity at this time. They have advanced healing technologies including healing colonies in the Pleiades.
President Trump Orders Release of Suppressed Technology
In his inaugural address on January 20, 2017, President Trump made the following statement:
  "We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow."
This was followed by a highly classified Memorandum that Trump sent to the Department of Defense and the intelligence community ordering the declassification and release of over 1,000 of the more than 5,700 patents that have been supressed and classified for reasons of 'national security'.
Most of the 1,000 patents deal with anti-aging and health technologies, but some deal with material science, biochemistry and free energy.
Geopathic Zones
Geopathic Zones
Geopathic zones are areas in which Earth's vibration frequency reaches abnormal levels that can cause illness and disease. This can be the result of underground water streams, underground caverns or fault lines, and certain mineral deposits, such as coal, oil or iron. Such areas can cause an interference in the Earth's electromagnetic fields and be unsuitable for human habitat.
The Cabal suppressed research and information on geopathic zones, but in the Golden Age, this information will be readily available and areas that are unsuited for human living will be avoided.
We will better understand how to live in harmony with the electromagnetic fields of the Earth.
In July and August 2015, David Wilcock devoted eight episodes of his Wisdom Teachings on Gaia.com to understanding, detecting, thwarting and the research behind geopathic zones.
"Influences of Geopathic Zones", Institute of Geopathology SA
Season 17, Episodes 1~8, Wisdom Teachings
Activation of the Pineal Gland
Pineal Gland
The pineal gland is an organ in the middle of our brain. The Cabal understands how important that organ is to higher consciousness and has tried to calcify it so it cannot function by using fluoride in water supplies, pharmaceuticals such as Prozac, and toothpaste. (Thus, avoid water with fluoride added and only use non-fluoride toothpaste.) (See "The Effect of Fluoride on The Physiology of the Pineal Gland", by Jennifer Anne Luke, a doctoral dissertation. PDF)
Ancient cultures and the Cabal have understood the importance of the pineal gland for spiritual awarenss. It has been symbolized by the pine cone and, thus, used for spiritual and political power in both ancient and modern times.
Angkor Wat Pope Francis
Angkor Wat, Cambodia (source) Pope Francis with staff (source)
dollar pyramid pineal dollar Pine Cone, Vatican
U.S. Dollar - Pyramid Capstone of pyramid Pine Cone in Vatican Courtyard (source)
rods and cones Pineal Gland - the Third Eye
It is no accident that some religions and belief systems refer to The Third Eye - the pineal gland - which has the same type of rods and cones, called pinealocytes, that we have in our eyes which give us vision of the physical world.
Pinealocytes are wired into the visual cortex of our brain in the same way that our eyes are wired in.
The pineal gland transfers intuitive, spiritual and psychic information to our brain.
In fourth density, the pineal gland will take on a greater function and lead to the development of new spiritual gifts.
Third Eye Forehead Dot
(source) From Richard Cassaro's "The Ancient Egyptian Third Eye" posted on Graham Hancock's website.
Cosmic Disclosure, Season 1, Episode 10, "Awakening the Pineal Gland", transcript. David Wilcock's "Source Field Investigations" includes one chapter on the pineal gland.
This nine-year-old girl, Ma Yogamaatha, may be demonstrating the power of the pineal gland to 'see' her physical world. (A spokesperson for Nithyananda Gurukul explains Ma Yogamaatha's ability and a growing ability of people to use our Third Eye here. Another video of children demonstrating a similar ability is here.)
"Occult Secrets Behind Pine Cone Art & Architecture", by Richard Cassaro
"The Ancient Egyptian Third Eye", by Richard Cassaro
Financial System Is No Longer Necessary
For many decades, the Secret Space Program has used 'replicators' to produce meals and material goods. Replicators use a basic ingredient of butter oil or hemp oil along with human consciousness. Although this sounds too much like science fiction, keep in mind that the SSP has been in regular trade with over 900 non-terrestrial races for many years and have acquired advanced technology from these races, including replicators.
When replicators are made available to humanity, there will no longer be a need to use money as a means of exchange.
Replicators will ensure the end of hunger, poverty and homelessness. It will also make human emotions such as envy and greed irrelevant. Replicators will allow everyone to 'make' what they want and need.
Interstellar Space Travel
SSP Infrastructure
SSP infrastructure in our solar system will be turned over to humanity, including colonies used for manufacturing and trade with over 900 non-terrestrial races who are regular customers and many more races that are occasional customers.
Stargates and Portals
stargate The SSP's system of stargates and portals will also be made available to humanity to allow for travel throughout the Cosmic Web as well as rapid travel between two locations on planet Earth.
Some stargates were built by the Ancient Builder Race and some are more modern stargates built by the SSP.
We will join the Galactic League of Nations
Humans on the surface of the Earth will be able to join the Galactic League of Nations and become a part of an interplanetary alliance of advanced races in our star cluster.
Development of New Spiritual Gifts
Following the Ascension, the activation of the pineal gland with the change in our DNA will allow fourth-density humans to gradually develop a number of spiritual gifts, some of which are already being expressed:
Mental Telepathy - the instantaneous transfer of thoughts mind-to-mind allowing communication between people to take place without the need to use a verbal language. (Lying will be impossible as each person will know each other's thoughts.)
Clairvoyance - the ability to foresee future events.
Clairaudience - the ability to 'hear' a wider range of information (e.g. ability to communicate with spirits in other dimensions).
Clairsentience - the ability to sense the presence of spirits in other dimensions.
Telekinesis - the ability to move objects with one's thoughts.
Levitation - the ability to lift objects, or oneself, into the air.
Bilocation - the ability to be present in two locations at the same time.
Manifestation - the ability to turn thoughts into matter.
Psychic Healing - the ability to physically heal others using one's spiritual gifts in cooperation with spirit guides.
Psychic Readings - the ability to give spiritual guidance to others in their spiritual growth.
Accessing the Akashic Records
The Akashic Records is a spiritual record held on the etheric plane of all things that have ever happened, including a history of our past lives and a history of the cosmos.
In time, we will be allowed access to the Akashic Records and information on our past lives in order to better understand our spiritual path and our higher purpose. They may also assist us in understanding our soul family and its purpose. (Several websites discuss the Akashic Records - here and here.)
High Vibration Diets
High vibration diets that help raise one's frequencies will be common place. Natural foods, raw fruits and vegetables will replace processed foods, which will decline rapidly in usage. Plants photosynthesize sunlight into energy, so plants with more light result in higher energy food. (Bridget Nielsen describes a high vibration diet in this video.)
'Work' will be based on your understanding of who you are and what you can contribute to your own well-being as well as the growth and development of others. Work will not be done because you 'need a job' to 'earn a living'. A basic monthly income whether one 'works' or not will ensure that you have basic necessities.
Many new areas of 'work' will open up as The Matrix collapses. When you find 'a job' that is suitable for you and provides personal satisfaction, you will not consider it 'work'. You will be thrilled to be doing something that expresses an inner sense of self-worth and self-identity.
Increased Lifespans
Fourth density, healing technologies, lower stress, high vibrational diets and emotionally satisfying 'work' will all lead to a dramatic increase in lifespans. Initially, lifespans of 100 to 120 years will likely be common, but lifespans continuing for hundreds of years may be possible in the not-too-distant future.
Initially, as with most societal institutions, educational institutions will be thrown into chaos. It will be clear that both students and teachers will need to learn new knowledge and 'unlearn' knowledge taught by the Cabal that in fact attempted to hide or distort the truth.
Educational systems will no longer be factories for turning out workers for industrialists. They will be places where students have opportunities to explore their own inner knowledge to 'remember' who they really are and how they can develop themselves individually to be of Service to Others consistent with their spiritual path.
Information Download Technology
The SSP has recovered special seats from crashed non-terrestrial spacecraft that have nubs in the back of the chairs that touch an area in the middle of one's shoulder blades. This area is where all the nerves in our body intersect.
The nubs in such a chair can be used to 'download' information to our minds. This technology may be used to enhance our rapid understanding of our true history, the history of the cosmos, sciences and other complex subjects.
Money and The New Financial System
The new, but temporary, financial system is expected to result in the following:
1. Forgiveness of debts.
2. A basic monthly guaranteed income for every person.
3. Elimination of poverty, hunger and homelessness.
4. Currency backed by gold, silver or some other asset.
5. Use of the Global Accounts for infrastructure projects and other activities that benefit the Earth and its inhabitants.
Healing the Earth - Its Air, Oceans, Rivers and Animal Habitats
The defeat of the Cabal and their crime syndicates, the collapse of their HAARP weather-control technologies and chemtrails, as well as the Event that results from the energy burst from the sun causing Earth changes shifting the Earth to fourth density, will immediately stop the pollution of the Earth's biosphere.
Non-terrestrial races as well as Inner Earth civilizations will assist humanity with technologies to heal any residual radiation and poisoning remaining in our oceans, rivers and animal habitats.